Monday, June 15, 2009

Pink Colour Contacts

So I am loving Pink Colour more and more... I just picked up two more pairs of their circle lenses last weekend (I requested a pick-up from Pacific Mall)... I always buy my lenses in non-prescription... and I've never had a problem with them until now... one of the pairs I bought... (even though it said "0.00" on the lid) were clearly prescription lenses... as soon as I put them in, I knew there was something wrong... but I thought maybe my eyes were still adjusting... but after 5min... I still couldn't see clearly and I was getting a major headache... I tried on the other new pair and they were perfectly fine...
So I left a msg on their facebook group asking if they have a refund/exchange policy.... they replied within 5min and said that they'd give me an exchange with no extra fees -- awesome!!
I was totally going to just accept that the lenses were defects and wear them anyway... (bad idea I know)... so I hope the new ones will work out for me...

They are currently having several promotions on their lenses so please check out their facebook group .

Also don't forget you get 5% off your order if you use promotion code: Sanderlees

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