Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am SOOOO excited!!! So I discovered KONAD almost 3 years ago when they had a booth set up at The Ex/CNE... it was decently priced (from what I can remember) and I remember WANTING it... but decided that it would be a waste since I was never into doing my nails because I always bit them off anyway...
Well... I've been making an effort in keeping my nails looking feminine with the help of an amazing nail hardener I've been using for the past 3 or 4 months (review to come soon)... and perfect timing too, cuz KONAD is really getting popular via YouTube... but all the e-stores seems to be a little pricey. Vaughn Mills has a kiosk that carries KONAD but the price is RIDICULOUS... along comes joshura07... who has been making KONAD tutorials for a while now... not only is there a discount code for 20% off (code: joshura), the company that sponsors her is also offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is HUGE since we Canadians are often shafted with more expensive shipping prices + we never get "spend x dollars and get free shipping"... WWOOOOOTTT!! I took advantage right away! =P

I did shop around first to compare the prices... good thing is they are either slightly cheaper than other e-stores or the exactly the same... PLUS the free INTERNATIONAL shipping is such a huge bonus... we're saving about $10USD right there already!!
So when my order arrives, you bet I will make a haul on it (i think i got 4 or 5 image plates and the stamper/scraper set)!!

To check out their items visit:


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for this!! I am going to check it out right now =)

Kathleen said...

Thank you for the shout out!! I love your blog! And I love shipping orders for free to Canada!!! I am originally from Winnipeg, eh? I lived there until I was 26 and now I live in southern California. I remember how mad I used to get at either not being able to order American products or being charged an arm and a leg to get them. Orders have been arriving pretty quickly too! :)