Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Blog

I am incredibly stressed over an assignment that I'm currently working on (at 3:30am) as well as worrying about upcoming exams next week (back-to-back on the same day)... but I have to say that despite my stress... I'm glad that I have this blog to turn to and just.. type away... and forget about it all for a few minutes...

Thank you guys for your support... I wouldn't be running this blog without you... which is why I've been having so many giveaways - to give back to you =]

I started this blog with very little intentions or expectations.... at the beginning I updated once every few weeks or even months... I feel optimistic now to update more frequently, because of all your kind comments and encouragements -- and I love that I'm able to help some of you in terms of reviews/sales announcements etc. A lot of people may not understand or appreciate this make-up community or think that we're "shallow" (or whatever other nasty comments there are)... but how I see it is, it's the little things that count right? And the "little things" can be ANYTHING to anybody... so if a good review can help you make an informed decision... or a certain sale or discount for something can make your day just a little brighter... why is that something wrong?

Why are we criticized for having too much make-up in our collections that we "never use" when there are people with different hobbies such as stamp collecting who accumulate books and books of stamps that THEY never use? Why is that an accepted hobby and make-up isn't? It's just as much a collection as it is for any collection.... right?

Ok I am totally going off on a tangent here... hahaha... really just wanted to take a break from my work and say thank you to my YouTube subscribers as well as my blog Followers =)

PS: I was thinking of doing another CONTEST (different from giveaway) for my YouTube Channel when I hit 5000 subscribers... it may take a while (i'm barely at 2000)... but I decided to choose 5000 because it will give me enough time to think of what to do to challenge you guys with the contest as well as give me enough time to collect items for the prize (since I want it to be good ^_^). What do you guys think?

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jrockxbunny said...

wahh ok, i messed up on something on my other comment...but

we'll always be supporting you :D
thank you for always giving us so much :D

i totally agree with you on the whole make up thing :/
idk why people have to criticize us for it D:

and i think a contest sounds great! :D

hehe :]

p.s good luck on your assignments and exams!