Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swaplifter: Send a Report

I cannot believe the amount of girls this bitch targeted and swaplifted from (and all at the same time).... here is an email address to her local police department.... it's highly doubted that much can be done, BUT if we all ban together and send them an email each explaining our situation, the amount we lost -- give as much detail as possible -- lets hope that she will AT LEAST get a knock on her door and be warned that she's been outted and know the situation...

what burns the most is that she's sitting at home with a huge haul smirking at all the ppl she fooled... #$*(#$*@#$%(

send your emails!!

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n33rja said...

I'm determined to hunt her down. i will not let her just be! one MUAer contacted me too cuz she's been swaplifted as well. mine and her package has yet to reach her as well. i hope there is a way we can stop the package from being sent to her. i can be found on MUA under this same name "n33rja" and i want to create a group of us and send her a warning through mail as well. i see a person on facebook with the same name as her "Zoe Haigh" from Leeds. I'm not sure if it's her. I went through so much trouble to send her the package, went to diff post offices cuz i was sending perfume and they didn't allow it. I CAN'T BELEIVE THIS B***H DID THIS!