Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swaplifter Update

I sent my email to the local police department of ZOE HAIGH and got a response... this is what they sent me:

Dear Sandy,
Thank you for your e-mail. I have passed it on to the Lower Calder Valley NPT who cover the area where Zoe Haigh is said to live. They should contact you in due course.

Andrew Carlin
PS 1061
Halifax Central NPT

My email:

I am part of an online community that barters cosmetics items sent through postal service. I have recently encountered an individual who had agreed to "swap" or trade cosmetic items with me and we had agreed to send each other's items at the same time. Our communication and agreement took place on Wedneday, June 3, 2009. I sent a cosmetic facial brush (retail $60USD) and a loose face powder (retail $25USD) in exchange for what I thought was going to be 3 of her cosmetic items. To my understanding, there has been many victims who have suffered the same fate and lost many valuable items to her at approximately the same time. She has since deleted her account (username: moschino000).

The information that she provided for me is:

Zoe Haigh
15st Albans Avenue
Ainley Top

Although i'm sure that this is quite far fetched and there is probably nothing that can be done, it is reassuring to know that you have this information in the event that this individual takes her actions a step further and commits a more serious crime.

Thank you for your time,
Sandy Chow


Like I said in my previous post... send in your emails and lets hope that something will and can be done.


M. Wendy said...

I'm sending my report right now.

Gabs said...

I was swaplifted from someone else a few weeks ago by someone in FL. She has done this to several people at the same time as well. i have been so busy with school and exams and college enrty tests, I have not been able to file a claim. How do you do that? I would like to try to get my items back, but don't know how. Is it too late?

Anonymous said...

Hi there...
That is so unfortunate...
Ugh, I can't believe the lowlifes that exist.
Good luck with the claim! I hope that you all come out with something from this...ugh...idiots :T

Yuko said...

Hey there,

I think I just got swaplifted by her too!!!! I just searched her address on google because her account had been deleted and found your blog.

I sent her two YSL items a few days ago in exchange for a MAC brush, and now she's disappeared. I can't believe this - out of 6 swaps, this is my second swaplift, though for the last one someone sent got me her phone number and I was able to get my items back.

What can we do?! I'm going to do everything I can to get my items back - GODDAMMIT. If you get any info, please please let me know - though of course I'll keep checking your blog. UGH. I'm at I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. UGH!!!!

Yuko said...

I just sent an email too, hopefully it'll get results. What else can we do??! I wish we could get her phone number. Last time I got swaplifted, I called the number, left a message, and had the swaplifter's father call me back. He sent me everything back and said the swaplifter was actually being hospitalized... damn right. I can't believe anyone would do this. Anyway, here's my email:


To Whom It May Concern:
(I think Andrew Carlin?)

I believe someone who lives in the area you guys cover has "swaplifted" me, or basically stolen from me through the postal mail. I'm from America - NYC - and don't know how the laws of your postal system works, so I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I know a couple of girls have also been "swaplifted" by Zoe Haigh, and have heard that they've contacted you too. Hopefully you'll be able to help us out, as she's stolen hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics from us.

Basically, we girls are all from the web community at where there's a network to "swap" cosmetic items with other members. We do this to save money and grow our sense of community, but sometimes our trust is infringed upon. Not only do I want to recover my items, I want to make sure Ms.Haigh doesn't do this again. Can you help me?

Her username was Moschino000 and her address was:
Z. Haigh
15st Albans Avenue
Ainley Top

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Yuko said...

Got a reply that they're forwarding my email to a sargeant that takes care of the area she lives in.

So I've looked up her name "Moschino000," and turns out mua's not the only place she uses that name at. She also has accounts under moschino000 at an EverydayMinerals forum, a livestrong website, and some cooking site. Maybe we can find something out about her through looking at her profiles that'll help us track her down. Also, looking at her MUA reviews, she seems to be a teenager - probably lives with her parents, as was the case with my last swaplifter. If we can somehow get our hands on her phone number, maybe we could get the parents involved.

Yuko said...

I've found out more. Sorry I'm just blasting your blog's comment page with this stuff, but I don't know where else to put it. Searched Haigh in Huddersfield, and turns out there's a Haigh family business (a car shop?) run from that area. In fact, if you look up the business on a map and Zoe's address on a map, you can see there are some main roads connecting the two. There's a number for the business (01484 424 751), but I haven't called it yet. The business is owned by an Albert Haigh, and turns out the Haigh family is pretty into genealogy so this may help us too.

Yuko said...

Another possible family connection to contact:

Yuko said...

Also looks like there's a Hilary Haigh who wrote about Huddersfield - trying to figure out who might be her parents so we know who to call. Or we could call all of them, but I don't know what to say!

Yuko said...

Found a REAL possibility:

1. Haigh M
St. Albans Av 15, HD3 3RX HALIFAXPhone: 01422373800

Listed at

when I searched "Haigh" and HD3 3RX in the UK.

n33rja said...

THANKS yuko for the information! i was also looking for her address on google maps etc and was looking for closest post offices and polive departments. and i was also looking for her phone number. i have complied a list of 11 girls from MUA who have been swaplifted by her. and not even hundreds of seems OVER $1000! $200 alone by me and ATLEAST $100 from the other girls! do you guys possibly have the email address of the seargant so we can email HIM directly? instead of bombarding the email of the wrong police department? let me know! i want to send her postcards so her whole family can read that she has been stealing. she sounds like a teenager to me too.

Kei said...

I also have been swaplifted by her (and it was my first real swap on MUA...). My MUA name is Keichoko. If I can also do something, please tell me !

Tiffany said...

I just found out I've been swaplifted by her too and I am really hoping to take some action, at least let her know that we are furious. If we can get our items back, that'd be even better. I was wondering if we should call the number Yuko provided and find out if Zoe Haigh lives there, and possibly talk to her parents? What should we say? I was thinking we should tell them that "we believe we've been stolen from Zoe and have not gotten any replies from her, if she doesnt do anything we will press charges. we also have already emailed their local police of her name and address and the whole situation." Do you guys think thats a good idea?

Anonymous said...

hi guys.
I am sorry.
I am in the process of sending back all of your items now.
send your address' to c0ryan mua username and I will get them sent back ASAP.

The information you found in Huddersfield has nothing to do with my family as there are a lot of people by my name in the area.

I'm very sorry.

Anonymous said...

My parents know and so do the local police dept.

as I said, send me your address and what you sent me so I can send them back right away.

Laura said...

I was swaplifted by her too. If I don't get my items back I'm going to send postcards so her family know what's going on and contact the police when I'm in London next month.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe my luck. I'm a newbie swapper from MUA and i was contemplating swapping with Moschino000 less than a month ago. But i had a very bad feeling. When she gave me her address i did some research,didnt find her on the swaplifters list and i also found some telephone numbers that could lead to her. It also seemed strange to me that she quickly agreed to swap for a htf and le msf for just a paintpot and a shadestick. One other thing i did in my research is ask about her another MUA member that had given her the only token she had. And the member told me that she was very pleased with the swap and that she received her package. But that still didnt convince me.
Anyway i didnt proceed with the swap and after some days i found the messages i had exchanged with her in my mail box and went to her profile to see if she had add anything new, but..."profile was not found!" I couldnt believe my eyes!She was indeed a swaplifter!
The difference i find in the address is that she gave me the name Miss Haigh and not Zoe Haigh. I guess its the same thing. I wish all you guys good luck in giving her what she deserves and taking all your stuff back!
my mua nick : Arduinna4

Anonymous said...

I found your blog looking for this lowlife as well. She swaplifted me out of $150 worth of new fragrance and cosmetics. I'll be contacting the police there shortly.

ChampagneSmiles said...

I was swaplifted by Moschino000 as well, she got a BN Estee Lauder mascara & Nars Orgasm lip gloss, I sent a message to her account that she posted here and got a reply from her saying she will return my items...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

everyone who hasnt already, send your address and what items you sent to the MUA username c0ryan.

xmariax said...

thanks so much for this post! iv also been swap lifted by Moschino000! iv just emailed her and im waiting for a reply. hope this turns out well! tnx again for this post!

Elizabeth said...

I was also swaplifted by user Moschino000...are any of you getting your items back? I cannot find the user name coryan on MUA now. Is there another name to contact? Thanks!

xmariax said...

i emailed her and got no reply yet. her new username is c0ryan. please post here if you get any sort of reply!

Sonia N. said...

here is her my space info - I sent her a message on my space!
19 / female
huddersfield/halifax, United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

I was also duped by her several weeks ago. I am very frustrated and would also like to contact the police and her family. Any info would be appreciated.

My name is Lorbeerbaum at MUA

champagnesmiles said...

I just recieved the items that she swaplifted me back in the mail today and they appear to be in the same condition they were in when I sent them to her.

Anonymous said...

Also swaplifted!
PrettyandPaisley on MUA.
If your reading this I am contacting your police department now along with your family members.
You chose the wrong person to steal from! I have nothing to do and will make sure that your tracked down...
Also sent you a surprise via mail. :)

laurarocio said...

I also was ROBBED by moschino000 in MUA:
I am from the USA and was fooled by this creep. I sent her a blush and a powder (about US$60 including the postage) and never heard from her.
Please tell me how to join forces with you to get our stuff back or at least put her in jail where she belongs.
I am a member in MUA and go by laurarocio

Lorbeerbaum said...

I got my swaplifted package back today. Glad to see that someone or something (police involvement?) has led her to return the stolen goods. Hopefully she'll have learned an important life lesson from all of this and won't steal from others again.

xmariax said...

i received my items too.

Ali said...

Can anyone give an update re: how I should progress this. I was swaplifted by this person mid last year, but didn't know how to progress this. I sent multiple items by registered post.

xmariax said...

contact her...when i did she sent me my items back! goodluck

Ali said...

Thanks for reply. I only had her MUA contact details? Or do you mean to send a letter to her home?

xmariax said...

at the time i sent her message through mua... i found out she had a new username and i used that... if her mua account still exists try that first :)

Tanya Vazquez said...

I am so sorry you got swap-lifted one deserves to be swap-lifted. I recently done a swap with a girl from the UK in Feb and I have not received her package with it now being May. I was wondering how did you find out where to send the email to and what can I do to report the girl who swap-lifted me as I live in the USA. Any help would be appreciated.