Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swaplifter Update

So I finally received my items back from Moschino000/c0ryan, who swaplifted me over a month ago...

I am not pleased.... I sent her two items that were BRAND NEW... and they are now returned to me in obviously used conditions. To be honest, seeing these items kind of repulses me... and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible.
No I am not swapping, sorry.

I'm going to sell these items to serious buyers -- please email me with a serious/reasonable offer...

Items for sale:

Select Sheer Loose Powder in discontinued shade NW15

Description: WAS brand new, but the sticker has been peeled back and replaced. Picture available upon request.

Retail value: $21USD
Rare and discontinued MAC 180 kabuki brush

Description: WAS brand new, but the swaplifter has sloppily painted a layer of nailpolish over the word "MAC" and "180". There is also a chip at the bottom handle of the brush that the swaplifter CLAIMED was sent to her that way -- but it certainly was not. There IS a bit of a crack however that is barely noticeable (and that I was aware of before the swap) at the base of the bristles. So small that I don't think photographing it would pick it up. Picture available upon request.

Retail value: estimated at $45USD

Again, serious buyers only -- please email me and make your offer (also please take into consideration paypal fees + shipping = ~$5-$7 USD).

Thanks everyone!


loveandkiwi said...

that sucks so much=S i don't think i am going to swap on makeupalley anymore either!

dustbunny said...

how much for the mac 180 brush???

KIITZYY said...

wow what a bitch... i would mail her a big piece of crap if i were u :)

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

OMG - that's awful!

Anonymous said...

gosh, that is horrible...
tho I guess its better than absolutely nothing? (...I'm not too sure which I would 'prefer' :T)

sorry for your unfortunate experience!

MM said...

It's really sad. I did my first swap recently and I was swaplifted! I can't even get in touch with this person. They closed the account.