Monday, July 06, 2009

Quick Review: Colour Craft Collection Part 1

Cheeky Bronze: A beautiful peachy-bronzey colour that looks like it would be perfect for the summer, giving a very subtle glow. Although, this one is a bit of a glitterbomb compared to the rest, so use with caution.

Porcelain Pink: This highly coveted MSF is a repromote and is a beautiful light pink with a subtle sheen. The colour actually reminds me of the light side of Petticoat MSF, except when swatched next to each other, Porcelain Pink is a bit more on the peach side compared to Petticoat. I was most excited to pick this one up.

Sunny By Nature: This is an incredibly pigmented bronzing shade that has minimal shimmer or glitter, which I like. This is a bit on the orange side and may not work on everyone.

Smooth Merge: One of my favourites of the bunch. This is what Petticoat would be if the veining and the base were to be separated. The middle strip is more berry-coloured than the veining in petticoat (more deep wine) -- but that depends on the individual MSFs.

Triple Fusion: This one is a glitterbomb (or is just way too shimmery for my taste). This would have to be used with a light hand. The pink strip at the bottom, is similar to Petticoat's base colour (there seems to be quite a bit of petticoat dupes in this collection).. but I'll have to say this is my least favourite of the six.

Warm Blend: This one is incredibly dark. I'm not sure how I would use this yet, but the chocolate coloured middle strip drew me to it. I have a feeling I would be using this MSF more for my eyes than my face.

Natural Flare: I love neutrals, so I knew this was the one MES I was going to pick up from the collection. the colours complement each other so well and the formula is soooooo smooth and buttery and soooo pigmented!! I LOVE this eyeshadow!!

Eccentricity: I orignally only planned to get ONE MES from this collection since I find that MES are so expensive (nor too impressive in my opinion)... but since the pinwheel design gives you four different colours, you get more for your money. I never planned to get this one at all, but after watching the purple... OMG it was sooooooo beautiful!!! It was so rich and again the formula was great compared to MAC's past MES. The only drawback I felt for getting this MES was that the highlight colour is pretty much the same as the highlight colour for Natural Flare.
Also, I'm going to have to exchange the one I have for another one unfortunately... the one I have isn't glued down securely? Basically it feels unstable and like it's about to fall out of the pan any minute... boo... otherise.. LOVE.

Overall: Despite MAC's best efforts with improving the Mineralized Skinfinish (MSF) formulation over the years, I have to say that they took a step back with a couple of them (glitterbomb)... however, the other ones were smooth and pigmented and only impart subtle shimmer, which is very pretty. I love that the 3-stripped MSFs are so distinct versus the MSFs of the BBR collection which are all very similar in the pan. I also found that half of these MSFs work as bronzers and the other half as highlighter/blush. Don't forget that you can use your MSFs as eyeshadow too!
I was never a fan of mineralized eyeshadow (MES), but all the eyeshadows in this collection were super smooth and buttery. They are incredibly pigmented and the pinwheel design is a great idea because it's like getting a quad for the price of one MES.

Do you need all the MSF's? If you're a collector, then by all means, yes. Otherwise, definitely not... they are very dupaple -- my picks are Smooth Merge and Porcelain Pink... you can skip Triple Fusion, Warm Blend and Sunny By Nature


M. Wendy said...

Yayyy! I don't think I need to sell a kidney for this collection lol.. Thanks Sandy!

kylie said...

thanks for the review! i dont like glitterbombs (LOL) either.. haha

cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

I still haven't had a chance
to check out the collection in
store yet. and your haul makes
me soooo needy for some MSFs
and the E/S look amazing