Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giveaway [closed]

I am overstocked with lashes -- so I am giving away 5-10 pairs of BRAND NEW, various styles and brands, false lashes to one winner. Please leave a comment under this post (with your email), telling me when you usually wear lashes (daily? special occastions?). You must be a follower of this blog. Giveaway closes Sunday, July 19 11:59pm EST and the randomly chosen winner will be contacted via email the following day.

Good luck!


shannnybannny said...

Yay!!! My email is shelbey6@hotmail.com

I like to wear them both daily and going out.

This is so great of you!

Kiki Xiong said...


I usually wear them on special occasions.

heart e said...

hi girliee :)
I just started out in makeup so i love experimenting with lashes ^^. i usually wear them whenever i go out cause well... you only live once !

thanks for the giveaway!
email: spy_girl23@hotmail.com

Nina said...

I wear them only on special occasions, on a regular basis I feel it's too much. Thanks!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Bollywoodwonder9 said...

My email is: fireandice241@gmail.com

I like wearing lashes when I go out at night to give me extra drama and make my eyes look more "exotic and sexy". haha. :P

Fanyu said...


Whenever my eyelash curler fails me, which quite frequent these days. =P

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

heyy sandy!!

I usually wear falsies on special occasions; parties, clubs, weddings etc. I also like to wear them when i have spare time to practice putting them on, haha.


loveandkiwi said...

yay! another giveaway, you are awesome=D
I wear lashes only on special occasions like clubbing, parties, or formal celebrations! my email is

JHM said...

Thanks for the giveaway Sandy!
My email is: japanesehairandmakeup@gmail.com

I usually wear lashes only for special occasions :D~ I'm wayy too lazy to wear them daily, I want to though!

Fabulous World of Sara said...


ok..well everyone will laugh i think...but i never got the chance to wear falsies...i wud like to wear them..since my bday is coming up that wud be a perfect occasion to wear em =)

Meri L said...

Hi, I am ur new reader :)
Honestly, I never wear them , LOL. But Im thinking to get one for my sister wedding. Maybe I disqualify for ur giveaway, but at least can share hehe :P


cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

heyy sanderlees
my email is cerinebabyy@gmail.com

i wear more natural lashes almost
everyday because my stubborn asian
lashes won't hold a curl and they're
really short and stubby

i tend to only wear longer, more
glamorous lashes for special events
like parties, prom, formals, concerts

Amelia said...


my email is

and I wear them only in special occasion because putting them takes time XD

kitty-kat said...

Hi ,

My email is : danielaf_8@hotmail.com

I usually wear them on special occasions, love them *

:) btw thanks for the giveaway !

5TYLISTA said...


thanks so much for the give-a-way! :)
i'm a beginner with lashes and am practicing with them in order to get better with them, but i usually wear them for special occasions!

Linda Vo said...

i wear them on special occasions since they take me kinda long to put on hehe.. i'm new at it


MakeOurLoversBeg said...

Like many girls I wear them on both for a daily and special occasion use. Usually I wear very simple and natural ones for daily use and when going out I usually wear more flamboyant sexy ones. I naturally have long lashes but I recently ripped out half of them with my new eye lash curler (lol) so I find myself wearing falsies more often now haha.

Thanks for this opportunity, you're truly a doll! xoxo

Email - MarieTheresaEbid@gmail.com

afra said...

Hey girl...Well i havnt worn lashes ever before...I'd love to give it a try. and own a few pairs....being a mother of a 3 years old always keep ur mind off things that u want to try....and i'd love to wear lashes coz i got small eyes so it wont b too dramatic on my eyes i guess...
Yeah thanks again and my email is >> hennawazeer@hotmail.com

VeeVee said...

i usually only wear falsies on special occasions, or when i'm bored :p

email- victoriahung777@yahoo.com

Suebakk! said...


i usually wear lashes when there is a special occasions, but sometimes when i feel like dolling up, i'll pop em on and tadaa im wearing them then too :)

Anonymous said...


I usually wear lashes on special occasions :)

bunniejenn said...


Special occasions! :)

o0foreva0o said...


thanks for another giveaway. I never wear falsies. i would love to try them out for special occasions to look different and more dramatic! :)

cherz ...master said...


I use to dance, as part of our requirements for makeup we had to wear lashes :) When I left dance school I went cold turkey to wearing them, but suddenly just back to wearing them (special occasions).

Teena said...


special occasions, but sometimes i wear them whenever i feel like it..not everyday though - too much work.

tinedangganda said...

I haven't tried wearing any falsies... but if I have a chance I would wear them on special occasions, but since in my country special occasions doesn't need a lot of dressing up and make up, I will wear them as much as I do! :P


xMaterialGirlsx said...


I've never worn lashes before so super excited for this one. But if I were to wear lashes, I'd probably only wear them to special occasions cause if you wear it daily, it's kinda waste of money and damaging to your lashes.

eatyourvegies said...


i usually just wear them on special occasions; or to themed parties, because then i can wear the lashes that i cant even wear to special ocasions ;)

Trang said...

my email is xxbittersweetxx@gmail.com

I only use them on special occasions

chantee-chan said...

thanks for having this giveaway! =]

I am a dancer and I always wear lashes for performances on stage! I also wear lashes on some special occasions.


jojos4eva said...

I wear lashes on special occasions because nicer ones are really hard to find here in nz :s

thanks for the giveaway

Halifax said...

I'm new to false lashes, so can't say I've worn them before. With the amount of work getting them on, I'd say only for date nights :-)

meepocow said...


=) Only on special occasions!

michele said...


I like to wear lashes when I'm going out at a party, night out with my girlfriends, and other special occasions :]

Sometimes, I just wear them to spice up my everyday look!

Riny said...

my email is lil_angel_girl_karen@hotmail.com

I dont wear fake lashes considering the fact that i only wore them once in my whole entire life.lol I wanted to try fake lashes cause it's summer and in summer, a lot of events happens, like wedding,family gatherings, etc. ;]

.:Bri:. said...


I wear then mostly on special occasions:D

J said...

My email is xjennylamx@gmail.com

I normally wear them on special occasions. =)

stellarvixen said...

i want free lashes! gimme gimme :P

my email is joolyn77@gmail.com

i like wearing flashie lashes for evening nightout! be it crowd party or romantic dinner for two..*bat bat

ChonChon said...

my email is tmtang88@yahoo.com

I wear falsies when i go out clubbing mostly, or for special occassions.. since it takes me like 3o mins to perfect it..... (i suckk!)

but i love the look of falsies!!! :)

thanks for this giveaway!

just_smil3z said...

yay falsies! love falsies cause they help give my lashes that extra *omphf!

<3 morganlee70@hotmail.com

(ps. miss you on the tube)

Gabs said...

my email is gabbyj.woltz@gmail.com

I have only worn them once for a holloween party. I need more practice!

Lily Leaf ♥ said...

Hello :)
I love lashes, I usually wear them during Night, sometimes during day as well. It's a tradition (lol for myself) to wear them every holiday! even Columbus Day, lolll. I love the way they make my eyes feel. It gives me this extra boost of confidence. Thank you for the giveaway! xoxo
my email is: msmomobeans@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I wear lashes when going out.


01swtbabyy said...

hey :)
my email is : anitachau88@hotmail.com

i usually wear when i'm going out, to parties, special occasions, etc.. but also when i'm having a bad day with my lashes & mascara.

thanks for the giveaway!

Joanne said...

i like wearing them on special occasions, or on a regular day if i feel like it! (=

jade said...

i like to wear them on special occasions.

pinkpanther_lc@hotmail.com :)

Tammee said...

My email: T_Pandalove@hotmail.com

I usually cut my lashes in half and then trim them in a way where it looks natural if I just place them on the outer half of my eye. I wear them when I go out to dinners but even when I have a day where I just want to dress up and feel glam :)

Nicole88 said...

heyy! email: curious_baybee24@hotmail.com

i usually wear false lashes on special ocassions. I have pretty long lashes already, so i use the false ones for DRAMA! lol i LOVE wearing them especially on halloween ;)

thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hey found you out from s2pandapple.
amazing mac lipstick collection.

anyways, my email is x_leaah@yahoo.com

i've actually never have tried faux lashes.
but i've considered picking some up while at the drugstore.

janice said...

i usually like to wear false lashes when I go out for special occasions :)

my email is janicimo@hotmail.com

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

my email is lipstickrules@gmail.com

To be honest, I don't own a pair yet but if I did, I'd wear them to work! Why not?!

wendy said...

i love false eyeslashes! i wear them everyday to everywhere i go. my email is: iadoremakeup@gmail.com

p.s. if you still like circle lenses i have this great website you have to check out!

redroses823 said...

my email is


i will use the lashes when its special occasions and when i feel like glamming up. thank you so much =D

hyphywifeyy said...

my email is hyphywifeyy@hotmail.com

I will use the lashes everyday (: I love full and sexy lashes. thanks so much, take care.