Saturday, July 04, 2009

Monthly Favourites: June

I do apologize on the lack of posts (and as usual... videos)... I have had a hectic couple of weeks... a new summer semester has just started for me... so I've been pretty focused with school...
and with that said... because of school, I haven't been using a lot of make-up, so it's hard for me to choose favourites... so for the month of June I don't have a lot of favourites at all....

Brave New Bronze lipstick (Style Warriors Collection):
I found my perfect nude. I originally thought that my perfect nude was creme d'nude... but they are on different categories. Creme d'Nude is a concealer nude, which I can wear with super dramatic eyes. BNB is an everyday nude that is just perfect for me -- this along with lollipop loving l/s are amongst my top favourite lip sticks by MAC. It's hard to describe the colour... it's apricot-ish with a tinge of pink? This lipstick is said to be very similar to Cherish lipstick (satin) which I don't have... i've swatched the two side by side and they do look fairly similar.. but BNB is more pink... it's also a satin finish.

Gold Rebel Lipglass (Style Warriors Collection):
It's funny because I wasn't interested in this collection at all... but when it came out, I must've bought half of it! lol... Gold Rebel is an orange-gold lipglass that is quite sheer... but when paired with BNB (above) it gives it more life... it's a great combo for the summer.

Those are pretty much the only products I used repeatedly throughout all of June... here's hoping that July's post for the monthly favourites will be longer =P


XINAR0X said...

That's a real pretty combo. I love peachy nudes with a gold type gloss on top. :)

Sofee said...

i really want that brave new bronze lippie...but it's sold out...btw Im a new subbie..loving ur blog :D