Monday, July 27, 2009

Haul: Love That Look

Starflash makes a return this year as an 'anniversary' reappearance from its original launch about a year ago. With 8 new shades and 4 re-promotes, the formula is as buttery and soft as the originals. I asked the MA when MAC will be making the Starflash formula a perm item and she said "hopefully soon" which really isn't much information haha. I have a few from last year including Smoke and Diamonds and Grand Entrance. This time around I picked up four more... the pictures are generally taken without flash and doesn't do justice to what they truly look like in person. I found that using flash with these shadows caused a white glare -- probably due to their pearly finish?

I noticed that the MAC website have yet to raise prices of their items, although the Starflash shadows are $17.50 whereas the perm eyeshadows are still $17. Perhaps they are transitioning slowly, but if the shadows are only going up by $0.50 instead of the $1.00 as I was previously told, then it's not SO bad I suppose.... I have yet to return to a MAC store to confirm the price mark-up.

One- Off

Rated "R"

Style Snob

Fashion Groupie Rated "R", One-Off, Style Snob, Fashion Groupie
(w/o flash)

Rated "R", One-Off, Style Snob, Fashion Groupie
(w/ flash)

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