Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make-up Collection: MSFs

Just a heads up that I'll be slow with the posts for the next couple of weeks...
what else but school? =(
Top: Blonde, Redhead
Bottom: Petticoat, So Ceylon

Light Flush, Perfect Topping
Glissade, Refined

Sunny By Nature, Gold Deposit
Cheeky Bronze, Warmed

Triple Fusion, Smooth Merge
Porcelain Pink, Warm Blend


Chrissy said...

Wow, nice collection!!

Meri L said...

That's a lot. I havent got myself any MSF yet except the Natural one. I have lots of the blusher though :) and today just got another 2 blushers, Melba and Plum Foolery, love it !

bunee said...

your msf collection is LOVE ! how are you liking the light flush ? is it more of a blush or a highlighter ? OH and how about triple fusion ? ive been eyeing that for weeks now !

M. Wendy said...

I want to see swatches =(
Hehehehe =P

bunniejenn said...

awesome msf collection! i want redhead and perfect topping.... JEALOUS! lol!