Monday, July 06, 2009

MSF Heaven

The title says it all -- I've been waiting for this collection since the day information leaked about it... and I knew right away that I was going to pick up all of the MSFs, regardless of whether I liked them or not (I don't want to regret it later on)... I was supposed to go to the Pro Store with Wendy ( buzzfuzzbunny ) on Thursday, but I couldn't wait... hehehe... so here is part 1 of my Colour Craft Collection haul (I'm going back for the lipglasses and blush).

Clockwise from top left: Warm Blend, Porcelain Pink,
Triple Fusion, Sunny By Nature, Smooth Merge, Cheeky Bronze

Natural Flare, Eccentricity

Cheeky Bronze

Porcelain Pink

Sunny By Nature

Cheeky Bronze, Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature

Smooth Merge

Warm Blend

Triple Fusion

Natural Flare



M. Wendy said...

U crazy woman! I'm so jealous!! =P Can't wait for Thursday! =D=D=D

XINAR0X said...

WHOA!! You got them all! I went by MAC Pro again with Julie today around 5ish.

Too bad I had to skip all the blushes since I had all of the dupe colours

I love the lipglosses but the doe foot applicator is a bitch for square shaped lipglosses.You'll know what I mean when you try them on. Very little product comes out on the wand and so you'll need to use a lip brush applicator for it and tons come out then.

katie said...

im so jelous!!

Do you have any idea of when these will be out in the UK?