Sunday, July 05, 2009

Meeting s2pandapple

Yesterday, I got to meet with Michelle (aka s2pandapple ) for lunch -- she's such a cutie and a complete sweetheart! We've actually been planning to meet for coffee etc. for a while now... and what perfect excuse than to meet for make-up? =P I was totally going to film our initial meeting... but I think the patrons in the mall would totally think I was nuts... besides... when we first saw each other, we just started chatting and I had completely forgotten about my camera =P
After lunch, we HAD to hit up Sephora and MAC... since I knew that I'll be blowing all my money on the Colour Craft collection next week, I was really good and only got Liquid Last Liner in Point Black from MAC and nothing else... =D I'm so proud of myself! I was going to pick up "Rags to Riches" Dazzleglass too -- but I held back since it's in the perm line now... perhaps I'll get it with my Colour Craft haul.

It was really fun meeting and hanging out with Michelle and hope we can do it again soon ^_^

aww... she's too cute *^_^*


jrockxbunny said...

that looks fun ^^ hehe :D

Shabna said...

awww both of you look adorable <3