Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Upcoming Collections

Hey lovelies,

I'm supposed to be listening tentatively in lecture right now, but I thought I'd do some procrastinating and blog instead =D
If you visit you'll find that there are two new collections that will be launched this summer... I am VERY excited about them... the first is the Colour Craft Collection ( which is a mineralized collection with 6 (SIX!!!!!!) MSFs released with them (some repromote)... I have become such a fan of MSFs... I LOVE them, altho the recent releases (athough beautiful to look at) all look too similar swatched =( -- this collection will be available on July 9.
The second collection is the Euristocrats II (I believe the first one was released in Asia only)
( This collection's focus is on lip products and features a lot of the much desired lipsticks/dazzleglasses that were only available in Asia (included in this collection is the recently released Saint Germain)... and according to the information provided by Specktra, looks like dazzleglasses are official permanent items (WOOT!) -- to be released July 2.

There is also the anniversary collection called Graphic Garden (last '08s Colour forms collection) that is only available at The Bay/Nordstroms... but I don't believe there is much information on that yet... the release date is slated for July 9.

Happy Wednesday!

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XINAR0X said...

I am too excited and now I don't feel like spending much on spring collections...I gotta save up for colour craft!! lol