Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm about to cave...

I wanted Perfect Topping MSF when pictures of the Sugarsweet collection first surfaced months ago... I went to see it for myself the day it was launched in stores and was highly disappointed... now 3 weeks later after reading great reviews and seeing some pictures... I am about to cave and purchase it tomorrow.... BUT only if the MA lets me choose my own.... =P
What should I do??

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XINAR0X said...

You have refined msf right? Refined msf is better than perfect toppiing to me. (For my skintone) You can even intensify it with fix plus during the application.

I went to Mac Pro today! ;) I B2Med for 4 dazzleglasses and bought 2 Dazzleglasses (yes, I went crazy some wer LE) and the Line Filler too! =D I will post my haul pics soon. OMG SUCH PRETTY DAZZLEGLASSES!