Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone


"A lightweight emulsion that helps control sebum (oil) and shine on the skin's surface and immediately reduce the appearance of pores on the skin. It dries down to a natural-looking, natural-matte finish. Over time, it genlty exfoliates the skin, helping to unclog pores, keeping them clean, clear and less visible. It also helps to improve skin tone over time and provides a smooth, even surface for improved makeup application. For daytime use, apply it over your fave mac moisturizer and under other p&p products and foundation. For nighttime use, it should be applied to cleansed skin before moisturizer. It is dermatologist-tested and appropriate for all skin types."

I used Smashbox's Anti-Shine for a couple of months -- although it does control the shine, it is very tricky to use. If used improperly, you get this white powdery filmed left on your skin which isn't very attractive. With Skin Refined Zone, you get the same matte finish, except it's so much easier to use. It's fairly lightweight (although a friend has expressed that she felt it a little heavy for her) and only needs to be used in the oily areas (T-Zone). I have fairly large pores and interested to see how well it will "minimize" the size of them over time (although don't be fooled, pore size cannot be changed). I use it over my MAC oil-control lotion and it keeps me shine free for the MAJORITY of the day (slightly longer than Anti-shine -- and i was pretty impressed with that).
This is essentially the same price as Anti-Shine ($40 for 30ml), in fact MAC is slightly more expensive at $23.50 for only 15ml.You get a very small amount for what you pay for, but a little goes a long way.



RessaMakeup said...

great review thanks, i might consider it.

a.<3 said...

hehe you should! It's great as a highlight <3