Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Rose Romance

So what does a girl do when they finish their last exam of the semester? They go to MAC of course! (Well at least this girl does ^_~).
A Rose Romance collection was launched this week and so I picked up a few items.
Quick review coming up...


Way to Love

Rose Romance


Summer Rose

Just a Pinch

Top: Magnetique
L to R: Silverthorn, Just a Pinch, Way to Love, Rose Romance, Summer Rose

Love and Friendship


XINAR0X said...

Great haul!

I'm thinking of starting a MUFE palette. You can get the palette for $22 at the Sears MUFE counter @ EC and each eyeshadow refill is $13.50. =D They also have more variety in foundation shades too cuz it's a pro counter. =)

kylie said...

yay! awesome pics for the rose romance collection :) everything looks fab