Saturday, April 04, 2009

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I normally would prefer to do a review after using a product for about a week...
I bought the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara today, not because it's been getting so much attention lately, but more because it was on sale and it gave me bonus optimum points (lol)..
I'm giving it a review now after a day, because I put it on as soon as I got home, and now at 11:30pm (about 8 hours later), I think that I've given it a good test run.
My initial reactions was that it did give me a fair bit of length for my wimpy asian lashes... but no patent shine like it promised (which is fine, cuz i don't think i want shiny lashes)... I was a little weary though, that it doesn't offer a waterproof formula, as I haven't had good experiences with non-formulas (a lot of smudging under the eye)... but now 8 hours later, I'm impressed that this non-waterproof mascara has minimal smudging... it smudged a TINY bit, but not the raccoon-like darkness I'm accustomed to seeing with a mascara that isn't waterproof. Granted, I've actually been home all day... this will have to stand the test of hot and humid weather -- THEN we'll see how I feel about it afterwards=P


The good:
* Gives length and defines
* Does not smudge or flake
* Easy clean-up (no need for oil based removers -- just soap and water)
* Well designed brush (not the plastic/spikey ones we've been seeing) that tapers so you can get the little lashes
* Good grip on the handle

The Bad:
* Not shiny as it claims (altho not necessarily bad)
* No option of a waterproof formula
* No added volume
* Certain smell that some people can't tolerate (although I don't mind)

Still though.... nothing has yet to impress me the way CG Lashblast (waterproof) has... =)

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