Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Disappointments

Hk Collection - Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder: When I bought this I already had low expectations for this product... I wanted it for the packaging and face imprint on the powder. The powder is not pigmented at all and it seemed to have already developed a thin film/crust over it.. so there is even LESS pigmentation... my brush can't pick up any product off of it anymore... it's just poorly made in general... luckily I can reuse the compact by popping the powder out and putting in a different one.

Urban Decay Liquid Liner: I only had this product for a week before I exchanged it for a MUFE eyeshadow... It's actually a really nice liner.. great brush... but my problem with it is that it's not waterproof -- not the slightest bit. I have allergies, so my eyes get watery... any contact with moisture and the liner is ruined.... I don't know why I keep straying from my beloved fluidline....

Bubbles: I got this for a few reasons
a) It was a coveted (discontinued) shade that had a lot of great reviews
b) I wanted to use it to soften/lighten my darker more intense shades
c) I thought it would be cool/unique shade to wear on its own
Other than trying it on the day I bought it, I haven't touched it again... it's just too pale and frosty.


XINAR0X said...

I'm not totally disappointed with Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder even though it doesn't really do anything for me. So I just apply this powder all over my face and I just like the packaging lol

sweetie1202 said...

the tahitian sand beauty powder crusted over for me too. the MA said that i could try scraping the top of the powder with a spatula, because my face oils may have settled the powder (even though I wash my brushes every week!). i tried that and it worked; brush is picking up powder once again~