Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Review: Lollipop Loving Lipstick

A little history:
I suppose a proper review is not needed as I've already expressed my LOVE for this particular shade of lipstick. Over the past YEAR (not even.. probably past 9 months or so) my lipstick collection had grown exponentially. I was never a lip product user (didn't appreciate how fast they faded and the constant reapplication)... for the longest time my only lipsticks were from Clinique (because of the gift with purchase specials) and I've only had a LONE MAC lipstick for the past 7 years (which I *NEVER* used)... although i've had a few lipglasses/plushglasses etc...
My second MAC lipstick purchase was Viva Glam V in July '08 and I loved it -- a very neutral, everyday shade... then it was all downhill from there... lol I'm not sure how many I have accumulated to date... (a lot especially with my track record)... but even though I still rarely wear lipsticks... I feel I can use it in my freelance kit as well as add a punch of colour to my look every now and then... it really is an essential to complete a look ^_^

Well on to the review:
I LOVE IT -- period.

LoL.. ok ok... Lollipop Loving is in a Glaze formula which gives minimal pigmentation and high gloss shine... on my semi-pigmented lips, it shows up as a very sheer peach with noticeable green sheen... it sounds really really weird, but it really compliments my skintone. I really do love this lipstick and contemplating if i should get a SECOND backup and I seem to be going through my first tube fairly quickly. Since it repromoted only a year later (Heatherette) -- perhaps I should take a risk and wait for it to be repromoted yet again? I saw it at the warehouse sale in the heatherette packaging.. but didn't pick it up because I figured I already picked up a back-up AND reviews have stated that the formulations are slightly different (it has improved)... nevertheless, this has replaced my Viva Glam V as my everyday-go-to lipstick... I have used it with different looks and (for me) it compliments everything... HG!!!!!

(5 out of 5)

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