Friday, April 03, 2009

Haul already?

What? You just had a super haul... it hasn't even been a week yet and you have another haul??

yes yes my lovely ladies... it's a small one... but i made purchases nonetheless... I had a stressful term test today and will have a stressful 3 weeks to come (exams)... so this is a treat for completeing my last test of the semester as well as a pre-treat for my upcoming exams =P

Just in time for A Rose Romance <3>

Viva Glam VI SE

Bubbles (from the sugarsweet collection)

Bubbles up-close

(can you see i'm lacking in sleep?)

Viva Glam VI SE up-close

so natural looking

EDIT: forgot to mention the #116 blush brush in the picture =)


charlene-ann said...

beautiful as always =)

XINAR0X said...

Nice haul! Those lippies look pretty on you.