Thursday, April 09, 2009


Dazzleglasses (Double Dazzle collection) has been released weeks early!!!!!!! There has been rumours of it coming out today, but XINAROX had already hauled it from YESTERDAY!! I was sooo excited, I went to MAC immediately after my class this morning!!!
The MAC i went to actually hasn't launched it yet... and i don't think was sure whether they were suppose to (they didn't even have the display stand for it yet)... but they brought out the testers for me to play with and i picked up two. One of the LE ones and one perm one... i am contemplating the other LE ones.. JUST because they are LE.... but i didn't like the colours so much... so i prob won't get them.. and HELLO!!!!! who is excited as I am that these are finally perm?!?!!?!? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH which is why i only picked up 2 and didn't go crazy... cuz i can "always go back for more" =)

I'm a little disappointed with one thing tho... my all-time-favourite (Bare Necessity) seemed to have changed... it may look the same on my lips (not sure)... but from the tube, the new one looks a bit darker... boo =(.. the MAs kind of mocked me (under their breath, but i heard them) saying "way to pay too much attention to detail" or something along the lines of that... meh...

I picked up Smile (perm) and it's actually fairly similar to Bare Necessity... (you can see in the swatches) so i guess i'm not THAT disappointed... =P Smile is more pink in the packaging tho...

I HAD to get Goldyrocks (LE).. i knew that it would come out sheer/clear on my lips, but I didn't care... it's sooo nice to look at...!!

*I need to stop buying things just because I like it in the packaging.. lol

I also picked up Perfect Topping... yes I caved... I asked to pick one of my own.. it's not as pretty as 's -- her PT MSF is GORGEOUS!! but i'm happy with mine =)

Pics (with the Dazzleglasses I got from the original launch May 2008)

(L-R) Funtabulous, Comet Blue, Bare Necessity, Smile, Goldyrocks

Left: Goldyrocks on top, Smile on bottom
Right: (top to bottom) Comet Blue, Funtabulous, Bare Necessity

Can you see that Smile and Bare Necessity are actually very similar? =)

Perfect Topping Swatches (Left to right)
all mixed, peachy part, violet part
Flash makes everything ugly =(


XINAR0X said...

YAY! You got them! Smile is really pretty and Goldyrocks even though it's sheer, it's just too gorgeous to resist and since it is an LE it makes you want it even more. I heard there will be a more pigmented yellowish gold lipgloss from the Style Warrior collection similar to Golyrocks.

I keep admiring my new DG I know you are too. ;)

Did you go to the Mac @ EC or Pro?

RessaMakeup said...

i love it is perm? YAY! gotta check this out.

M. Wendy said...

can i see the swatch of your perfect topping (again) pleasee? =P

LK said...

They look so nice!! I have yet to buy one though :(

jooLee said...

Yea the MAC stores are so sneaky - always releasing earlier. I saw this girl haul them since the 5th or 6th and it wasn't supposed to be released til the 9th i think? crazy.. i got goldrocks too! and I want funtabulous now from your swatch =)

a.<3 said...

oooh LOVE!!! looks like I have to make a mac trip soon...again haha
I LOVE YOUR PERFECT TOPPING! Its beautiful! =D You sure know how to pick em ;D

sweetie1202 said...

nice~ i caved and bought smile yesterday~ very pretty~~~!