Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perfect Topping MSF

As I have expressed in my full Sugarsweet review - the Perfect Topping MSF was #1 on my to-buy list, but I didn't get it at first because it was (initially) very disappointing and not what I expected it to be. After a few weeks of thinking about it and reading reviews, I decided that I NEEDED it, otherwise I would regret it... my disappointment with it at first was that the tester didn't have enough purple/violet veining as the promotional pictures did. I decided to CHOOSE my own Perfect Topping instead of having the SA pick one at random from the drawer. I am so so so glad that I ended up picking one of these up... it's a beautiful highlighter and I just love the peach veining in it (even though I wanted more purple veining lol)... this is multifunctional not only as a highlight for your cheeks and browbone but gives such a pretty sheen when layered on top of a blush (the one shown isn't mine, it's actually Buzzfuzzbunny's...)

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forblueskies said...

I'd love to see pictures of it on you! :) Great post.