Monday, January 04, 2010

Top 10 Eye Products of 2009

I originally was going to make one post for my top favourite products over the past year... but as I was making my list, I realized that it was getting a tad long, so I decided to divide it up into separate posts by categories.

Here are my top 10 favourite eye products of 2009!

Note: Products are not in order of importance

** Denotes "HG" status

**MAC Fluidline: I have this product in several shades, but the shade that took me by surprise is definitely Dipdown (chocolate brown). Not only have I converted to this shade for my daily eyeliner (I find black too harsh now), I also use it to fill in my brows (thanks to Wendy!), when I want a more bold and long lasting look.

MAC Liquidlast Liner: I bought this in Blue Herizon several years back, but gave it to my bestfriend because I thought it was such a horrible liner. It is incredibly difficult to remove and the applicator brush that it comes with it absolutely horrible. I revisted this liquid liner in
Point Black in 2009 and fell in love because since then, I have started using oil-based make-up remover for the waterproof products and realized that you don't have to use the applicator brush that it comes with. I apply this product with an angled liner brush and it goes on so dark and like I said, it is difficult to remove, so it stays on and does not budge. For someone with really oily lids, this is huge. I especially like to use this before I apply false lashes.

MUFE no. 92: This is LOVE! The very popular MUFE #92 -- what can I say but super pigmented and super smooth matte formula heaven?? I love doing purple looks and this shadow just completes it when applied in the outer V.

NYX e/s black: I don't own MAC Carbon... and I don't think I ever will. NYX is pigmented and at a fraction of the price of MAC. I use this shadow a lot to smoke out my looks.

Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara (waterproof): I like to try new products and mascara is no different. Despite trying more high-end mascaras over 2009, I have always returned to Lashblast. It gives great volume and rarely smudges on me -- I am still on the look-out for a completely smudge-proof and waterproof mascara though.

MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Her Glitz: I don't use this a lot, but it's absolutely gorgeous. The glitter liners that MAC has come out with in the past were streaky and didn't impart much pigmentation other than scattered glitter. This formula, introducted with the Hello Kitty Collection, is pigmented, does not flake and is just so glamorous! Unfortunately, MAC has yet to include more of this product in its collections, since Hello Kitty -- I would love to try more colours.

MAC Shadestick in Red Velvet: Sugar Sweet Collection re-introduced shadesticks to the MAC world amidst rumours that they were trying to phase it out. The new repackaging was sleak and the formula improved. The collection had 5 shades I believe and Red Velvet was the only one I didn't pick up from my initial haul. Wendy (the enabler!) then convinced me that I needed Red Velvet too, so I got it later the same day and it has become my FAVOURITE one of the bunch. It makes an amazing base under my purples.

**MAC Grease Paintstick in Black: Laced with purple shimmer, this is my HG black base and works with ANY eye look. It is a variation of the shadestick, but the formula is NOT grease-like at all and wears amazingly well (crease-free and 'waterproof'). It can be a pain to clean off, but I think it's totally worth it and CANNOT WAIT til MAC releases it in more colours this spring (including true black)!

Blanc Type Matte2 e/s: This is my go-to browbone/highlight colour. The matte2 formula is to die for because it's pigmented, smooth and creamy. I like this as my highlight because the looks I usually do is a little on the shimmery side, so this matte colour balances it off nicely.

Handwritten Matte2 e/s: Another matte2 formula in my favourites. Handwritten is a dark chocolate brown with the slightest red undertone and is my typical go-to outer V and crease colour when I do a neutral eye (which is fairly often).

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.

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