Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Favourites: January 2010

So I had actually completely forgot about making a favourites post for the month of January, until I logged onto YouTube and saw everyone's "favourites" videos... been really busy, so it definitely slipped my mind. Plus, I'm currently distracted by the Grammy's -- which btw, has been a pretty amazing show so far -- I hope Bon Jovi performs "Always"!!!

MUFE HD Foundation #127:
I hated this foundation when I first got it... but that's because I got it in the wrong shade -- and continued to get it in the wrong shade (in fact... #127 might still be a tad light for me)... as an NC30, according to MUA, I'm "supposed" to be matched to 118 or 120 -- they were way too yellow and way too light for me.... and when photographed, I had that ghastly white mask thing going on... not to mention that it left me feeling so greasy... I think this foundation is anything but HD and I really don't trust it when it comes to being photographed... ESPECIALLY when used with the HD powder (omg -- that's a whole other story)...
So you may be wondering.... then WHY is this in my favourites list then? Well... I finally found a shade that I can actually pull off, albiet maybe still a tinge too light (i meant to get 128 but for some reason blurted out 127 at IMATS -- no returns -- plus I didn't realize til I got home). I like the way it looks sans photography -- it CAN be naturally, when not piled on and used in moderation with the right primer -- ie. MUFE HD Primer -- I find that it doesn't work with any other primer (for me)... I do need to set this with powder though, because regardless of it being the right shade for me now, it still leaves me kind of shiny.
I typically use this foundation during the day for school/work and switch over to my Studio Fix Liquid for night-time use, when necessary. Mind you, when the weather warms up again, I will be using my trusty MUFE Face and Body foundation for my daily/day time foundation.

MAC Studio Moisture Cream:
This has been a godsend for me during these winter months. I have never been a heavy cream user, but my skin has been feeling extra parched lately. I don't use this all over my face, rather, I concentrate most of my application on my cheek area. Although it feels thick, my skin drinks it up and doesn't leave it feeling greasy at all.

MAC Cremeblend blush (Joie-de-vivre):
This is such a great product. I've been using this nearly every time I put on make-up, either in its lonesome, or as a base under a different blush/bronzer. I have a small collection of creme blushes from MAC, but I rarely used them because, although I loved the colours, I just did not like the formula. The formula to this particular creme blush from MAC is so smooth and light weight (gel-like), imparts lots of pigmentation that is buildable and doubles as a lip product!

MAC Vanilla Pigment:
When I had this as a sample, I barely used it -- maybe because I was afraid of it running out. Now that I have a full jar of it, I can't stop using it! I've always known it was versatile -- but omg... this is LOVE. I've used it as an all-over wash, or as an inner corner colour. Just... so many uses...

MAC Satin Taupe e/s:
I have this as part of one of 2008's holiday palette (smokey one I believe). I think I will have to purchase the pro-pan form of this, for easier travels. This is a staple -- Vanilla (pigment) on the lids and Satin Taupe in the crease and you have your day look. Add some black or dark brown to the outer V and you're ready for a night out.

YSL Rouge Volupte #9 (Pink Caress):
I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It is luxury in a tube. I got #1 first -- a nude/beige colour, which I love, but found it a little difficult to wear because it shows all the imperfections and fine lines on your lips (it is very similar to creme d'nude). Although #1 is just as creamy, the colour is just not as smooth as the formula. #9, however, is a completely different story -- the colour/pigmentation is just as smooth as the forumla. Just one swipe across your lips and the colour is evenly distributed -- creamy, buttery goodness! I want to try MORE shades!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/brands.

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Kizzy said...

I've recently purchased a YSL lipstick as well and I LOVE it! It's so creamy! Definitely luxury in a tube!