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Top 10 Lip Products of 2009

I originally was going to make one post for my top favourite products over the past year... but as I was making my list, I realized that it was getting a tad long, so I decided to divide it up into separate posts by categories.

Here are my top 10 favourite lip products of 2009!

Note: Products are not in order of importance

** Denotes "HG" status

**MAC Brave New Bronze: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I raved about this again and again. This was part of the Style Warriors Collection from this past summer and it is my PERFECT nude! In fact, I find this the perfect bridal lip colour, as I have used this on a bride I did a few months back and will be using it on 2 others for 2010. I was hoping and waiting for it to be at the MAC warehouse sale -- when I saw it, I immediately grabbed 4!! I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!! It is similar to Cherish (both are Satin finishes), but BNB has a little more pink in it. LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!

**MAC Lollipop Loving: Before BNB came along, this was my absolute favourite lippie. It is still in my top 3, but alas, BNB has taken its place. This lipstick is a coral pink with a green sheen to it -- sounds weird, but super pretty and super unique and makes a fabulous everyday lip colour. What I love most about this shade is that it has the ability to brighten up my face when worn alone with no other make up on. I think it has something to do with the green sheen.

MAC Creme Cup: When the cremesheen formula first came out, I really liked it, but as I got to try more shades I found that it's actually a little drying. Despite that, Creme Cup is a very soft and feminine, milky pink colour that is great for the summer. I find it a very wearable shade and makes your mouth look so luscious when paired with a great gloss.

**MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass: Cremesheen Glasses are going to be permanent at MAC!! YAY!!! Boy Bait is a creamy nude colour (could it be any other?) that is sheer but imparts just enough colour to provide an even tone to the lips. The formula is divine -- not sticky but creamy and smooth. I have always used it sparingly and even bought a back up when it was repromoted in the holiday collection. I can now use it to my hearts desire.

MAC Miss Marble lipglass: My lips but better lipglass. Released with the Colour Craft collection, this is a pinky shade that is pigmented enough and not as sticky as the original lipglasses.

Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Plum Craze: I won this from the Fashion Magazine giveaway and it is surprisingly a very nice shade and wonderfully creamy formula. The receptionist at my doctor's office is an Avon rep, so I have flipped through the catelogue in search of this lipstick so that I could try more shades. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it for some reason. I find that the formula very similar and comparable (but not AS creamy) to the YSL Rouge Volupte formula, but I'm going to assume that it costs only 1/10 of the price lol. It's SO soft though, that keeping it in bullet form was impossible and I had to fully detube it into a sample jar. It's a great fall and winter shade.

Biotherm Glossy Milky #419: This is a dupe to the MAC cremesheen glass. I bought this at a past L'Oreal Warehouse sale BEFORE cremesheen glasses were introduced and I really really liked it. Nude (of course) and creamy/milky looking gives lips a supple and full look.

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 (Mint): Another vaseline variation for lip protection. This only has spf4 but I suppose it's better than nothing. I like this a lot because it's in a convenient tube, thus a more sanitary option than the potted or tin counterparts for the germaphobes out there.

MAC Show Orchid: I love hot pink lipsticks -- to look at -- lol, but I rarely wear them because they are a little bold for me. When I finally wore this out for the IMATS though, I have NEVER received so many compliments for the lipcolour I wear, so it was nice encouragement and provided me with more confidence to wear bold shades more often. Show Orchid is a PRO shade (that is apparently being discontinued), but is being repromoted in 2010.

MAC Viva Glam VI SE: This is a very smooth and creamy lustre formula (which i'm typically not a fan of) with zero shimmer. Some would call this a "my lips but better" shade and is very creamy and non-drying. I actually think this and the Avon lippie I mentioned above are very similar now that I think about it. Unfortunately, this is a limited edition shade and will be off the shelves soon. Replacing it are the Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper Viva Glam shades -- which I cannot wait for!!

Disclaimer: Except for the Avon lipstick, all products mentioned were purchased by myself.

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