Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Organize My Collection (pic heavy)

I've been asked about showing my updated collection/how I organize everything. I won't go through piece-by-piece since it is constantly growing anyway (I'll leave that for my collection series), but I will show you how and where I stash everything. I am very quickly running out of space -- I have a very small room, so not only am I running out of storage space, but just space in my room, in general!

** The dividers are all from Dollarama

I know -- it's so cluttered. Half my brushes were just deep cleansed, so they were sitting on my desk drying and not pictured. I had JUST cleaned this area up -- it's normally even messier and more cluttered =(

I got the holder for my MAC palettes from Wendy -- they were originally holders for packages of pilot pens =P They fit in there PERFECTLY! There are eyeshadow and blush palettes in there and I am officially out of space for more =(

Everything in the little blue box is my "everyday" stuff that I reach for frequently.

No more space for lippies -- I've bursted one box before... and this one is about to blow....

The set of drawers I keep almost everything in (office depot -- which doesn't even exist anymore!~ wtf?)... and of course... my sleeping Phoebe ^_^

What sits on top of it all: skin care and necessities

Drawer 1: Face products
(and for some reason... OCC lip tars)

Drawer 2: MSFs

Drawer 3: Blush

Drawer 4: Highlighters/Bronzers
NYX loose pigments/drugstore shadows
gift with purchase Clinique stuff

Drawer 5: Bases
Paint pots/gel liners/NYX jumbo pencils/mascaras

Drawer 6: Palettes/Quads

Drawer 7: MAC/NARS/MUFE potted shadows
MAC Pigments and glitters

Drawer 8: MAC Wipes/ELF/NYX

Drawer 9: Lashes
(a lot are stashed in boxes UNDER my vanity table)

Drawer 10: Extras/Misc.
Disclaimer: everything in this post was purchased by myself.


eternalmi said...

you have the most msfs out of all the makeup collections i've seen XD grrr i want that drawer thing!! anywhere else in Toronto carries this?

jooLee said...

love the collection!!

Zerin said...

AMAZING collection!!!

It's about time I do a post like this.... Thanks for reminding me. I've been meaning to do this one forever.lol

April said...

i love your collecion =) so jealous lol

Princesa Livia said...

Wow.. I'm drooling over your collection! Amazing xx

Chrissy said...

I am SO jealous of your amazing collection. If I had a collection like that though I honestly wouldn't know what to do with half of it, unless of course I decided to go professional. Maybe someday!

Lisa said...

Great post! What do you mean Office Depot's don't exist anymore? I went to one in December and bought the same drawer that you have, lol. The location that I went to was at Yonge and Steeles and they had quite a few in stock.

Kyanvi said...

omg~ i love you collection, they ar so cool~

charlene-ann said...

girl, your collection just keeps on growing!! aahhh i love it!

Mars said...

great collection!! but



Arezu said...

I love your collection!
And it looks like it's organized nicely (:

Babybubblz said...

great collection! i definitely need to start thinking about organizing my *much smaller* one...

LOLanne said...

ahhhhhhhhhh im soooo jealous!! my collection is probably 1/10th of yours (or even less lol).

when you said "and of course... my sleeping Phoebe ^_^" i thought it was a term for an organizer... i was like, what's a sleeping phoebe? lol


cindycs said...

omg that is the best collection i've ever seen, it made me feel a little better about mine since i thought mine was out of control but i was just in heaven looking at your pics. great collection, you have everyting i think lol. where did you get that flat iron holder from? i've been looking for a stable one for a long time.

SephoraMAC said...

Love it!!! Specially all those MAC MSF's together...drool. :)

Crissy K said...

I'm droooling! Love it. You are lucky to have space like that my husband would kill me if he saw my collection in all it's glory lol!

Sheryl said...

Wow girl you have ALOT! Mac's coming out with some nice collections this summer: Mac's "To the Beach" and "In the Groove" collection... I'm sure you might wanna prepare for that. =) Love the collection btw! I'm glad i'm not the only one.