Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Already hauling too much...

Ok fine... so I went back and picked up the other two blushes from the Lilyland collection. I am in love with this blush/formula. I wish MAC would completely phase out their original cremeblush and stock up with this formula in a bunch of different shades!

So Sweet, So Easy


So Sweet So Easy, Florida

I'm apparently a sephora VIB member, so I was sent a 10% coupon that I just HAD to take advantage of -- plus I wanted to pick up my birthday gift (which they ran out of). I wanted the Laura Geller Lip exfoliator that Wendy got, but they were sold out because Sephora is phasing out this brand (30% off everything), so they led me to [the above] product instead. For the same price, it is only half the size... which kind of sucks... I think I'm going to return it and just use my Volcanic Ash Exfoliator on my lips....

Sephora is also phasing out CARGO and everything was 50% off... there were a quite a few things I've always wanted to try from this Canadian brand, unfortunately they were pretty low in stock. So I settled for one of their Plant Love lipsticks for only $10!

There is a reason why these are on sale... if you look carefully at the bullet... it looks... old.. (whitish layer on it)... but it doesn't smell bad and the texture feels fine... so it'll do for now.

Swatch of Faith

Very pretty natural looking mauve-colour

Lipswatch of NARS Funnyface (flash)

Just for fun:
MAC Blissed Out as base colour with MAC Dim The Lights as design.
Design used with KONAD nail stamping system.
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.


Anonymous said...

Which Ssephora were you at? Are you from Toronto?

Sofee said...

pretty!! those blushes are pretty

Babybubblz said...

Wow great deal! 50% off! It's ok to haul during sales...haha

I will have to check out these blushes, Thanks!

Swtest2Lips said...

The blushes look so nice! I def need some but I havent had the chance to visit Mac-Thanks for the swatches. Cute Konad mani

Christy said...

Oooh, I must go check out Cargo! I was lemming a few of the lipsticks. At 50% off, that makes it more tempting :)

Halifax said...

It sucked that we only knew about Cargo clearance very recently and the stocks aren't that great anymore. I only want eye products but doubt they'd have any left :-)

PincStuff said...

ohh myy i love all your new stuff! so sephora isnt having cargo anymore? and your nails!! ahhh sooo prettyyyy!
and yikes, must have been reall hectic yesterday :\ always crazy when you witness/ are at the scene of something! ps. i sent your package out today ^^ xoxo