Saturday, January 09, 2010

Holiday Haul

Comfort MSF and By Candlelight MSF
2N Lipglass

Surprisingly I didn't do much hauling over the holidays -- SURPRISINGLY! But remember that Christmas wishlist I made? I got almost everything on it =D I'll be putting that in a separate post. I don't have everything pictured, since I wanted to keep my haul post beauty-related. I bought stuff from the Warm and Cozy collection, of course. I have to admit though that MAC's collections in the new year has not interested me, thus far (All Ages/Races/Sexes, Lilyland).

Dim The Lights and Blissed Out

Wendy went to Boston for a couple of days, so I got her to grab me a couple of things from Sephora there, since it's slightly cheaper than buying them in Canada -- I think I saved about $10. Oh how I've missed UDPP. Don't get me wrong, TFSI is great, but UDPP works so much better for me and although I vowed to never get it again until Urban Decay changed their packaging, I caved. Also got the full sized MUFE Sens'Eyes waterproof make-up remover -- it's a really great product!

A friend of mine got me this set for Christmas -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE pomegranate!! Whether it be pomegranate-scented products, or the actual fruit... yummy!

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights: Dusk

I have been lemming this bronzer for months and months... but I couldn't justify the pricetag. To my surprise I found it in my mailbox on Christmas Eve! I had forgotten that I had mentioned it to s2pandapple aka Michelle about it when we first met and she had bought and sent it to me! What a sweetie for remembering!!! When I first saw it I thought, "WTF?? How did she know? What a lucky guess!" lol
Thank you so much Michelle! <3

Disclaimer: All MAC products mentioned were purchased by myself and the other items were given to me as gifts.


LOLanne said...

awwwww Michelle is such a sweetheart <3

charlene-ann said...

hey girl =) great holiday haul =D