Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lilyland and Sephora Haul

I know I said that Lilyland had nothing that interested me, but I really wanted to try the cremeblend blush because I read that it's lighter in texture and more pigmented than MAC's original cremeblush. They are sooooo smooth to work with! and BONUS! The MAC MA said that they are great for the lips too -- and they ARE!! They give a pretty lipstained look (I haven't tried with a thicker coat yet). I love the colours I picked up, and I might pick up the other two as well =P
I always wanted the vanilla pigment, and since MAC is phasing out the old jars, I thought I would try my luck with getting it (in the old jar)... no luck, so I settled for the new packaging -- it's super cute, but I feel a tad gyped. Yeah, it's true that I will still NEVER use up the jar, but boo...


Optimistic Orage

Joie-de-vivre and optimistic orange

Stopped by Sephora and picked up the LAST Funny Face lipstick from NARS that they had in stock. Wendy picked this up a couple of months ago -- I swear she is such an enabler even when she's not there! It's a gorgeous matte-finish "hot pink" colour. I put it in "quotes" because it's not BRIGHT hot pink... it's darker... closer to a berry shade. The picture does it no justice.

Natural lighting -- hard to capture the true colour.

swatch with flash -- you can tell that it has a strong blue base.
Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.


Lipstick Rules said...

Great haul! I wasn't originally interested in checking out the creme blushes but I might have to do some swatching.

Does that NARS lipstick sheer? I love the colour in the tube -- would love to see you do a photo with it on the lips :-)

Sofee said...

those are pretty and the blush swatches do look like lipstick swatches

Zerin said...

Great haul! Those blushes look amazing and I'm glad to hear that these are smooth and better than their normal cream blushes which I HATE!