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Top 10 Miscellaneous Beauty Products of 2009

I originally was going to make one post for my top favourite products over the past year... but as I was making my list, I realized that it was getting a tad long, so I decided to divide it up into separate posts by categories.

Here are my top 10 miscellaneous products of 2009!
(everything else)

Note: Products are not in order of importance

** Denotes "HG" status

**Nail Magic Nail Hardener: I am so so so sad that this is discontinued in Canada... I've been a life long nail biter and NEVER EVER had long nails in my life. Since March of this year, I have used Nail Magic religiously and my nails have never been longer or stronger... if anyone knows where in Canada I can get this... I'm down to my last drop =(

China Glaze Magic Matte Top Coat: I don't know why nail polish companies haven't thought of the matte finish after all these years.... it is soooooo pretty! The top coat is super convenient too, since you can turn any and all of your nailpolish shades into a matte look. I especially love how fast it dries -- seconds right before your eyes! When you blow on your nails lightly, it's like watching your nails frost up =)

MAC Violet Fire Nail Lacquer: This was part of the Style Warriors collection and I've already used up 1/4 of the bottle. I wore this shade A LOT -- as it is and with the matte top coat -- gorgeous!

MAC Pro eye make up remover: I used to be a devout Clinique user when it comes to skincare and make-up remover. Since I have tried this product, I have converted. It is cheaper and works just as well as Clinique. I like that i can use a q-tip and erase small spots without disturbing other areas of my application. It is non-greasy/oily and is gentle on my skin.

Redken All Soft Shampoo: I was never one who believed in high-end hair products, let alone shampoo... but I bought a Redken All Soft gift package from a past warehouse sale for a really good price and tried it while I was still using my Garnier Fructis. O-M-G. It really makes my hair SUUPPPERRR silky soft. I have recently been using it more often, so I am beginning to lose/get used to the softness, but I used to use it only once a week before and I was really able to tell the difference between this product and my drug store one. I have since bought a full 2L bottle of this stuff and plan on trying the conditioner soon.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: This stuff is so great. It is a calamine lotion and salycylic acid mixture that dries out break-outs practically overnight. It may be harsh on individuals with sensitive skin and a stinging sensation varies (on whether you've popped the pimple), but it works!

Body Bakery Whipped Cream with Aloe (Champagne Cocktail): Body Bakery stuff smells sooooooooo delicious that I can eat it!! Creme Brulee is also one of my favourites, but can be nauseating sometimes. Champagne Cocktail is a very fruity scent that can really lift you up and it's super thick, creamy and moisturizing.

Hello Kitty Lashes: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE repromote these lashes soon MAC!!!!!!!! I managed to snag the last 4 pairs from the last MAC Warehouse sale, but I want MORE!! These are half lashes that are criss-crossed and look a little dramatic in the package, but actually oh-so-naturally flirty when worn. BEAUTIFUL!

**Ardell Demi Wispies: My absolutely favourite lashes by Ardell. They are super flirty and natural looking when worn.

**Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: I have been using these since they were first introduced in the mid-90s. I can't live without this stuff. I use one typically a day or two before a big event or big night out. They really do grab onto and pull out most of the gunk on my nose. Looks so cool yet so gross at the same time on those strips =P

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.

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