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Top 10 Face Products of 2009

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope your holidays were relaxing and fun -- because mine sure was! With lots of good food, good friends and loved ones!

I originally was going to make one post for my top favourite products over the past year... but as I was making my list, I realized that it was getting a tad long, so I decided to divide it up into separate posts by categories.

Here are my top 10 favourite face products of 2009!
(foundation/blush/skincare etc)

Note: Products are not in order of importance

** Denotes "HG" status

**MUFE Face and Body:
I have the MAC face and body foundation in C3 and I personally think it pales in comparison with MUFE. I absolutely love this as my summer foundation as it gives such a sheer and lightweight finish, yet really does provide just enough coverage and the eveness I need. For me though, I need to dust a little powder over it because it tends to make me look a tad shiny, although it does not feel the slightest bit greasy. On lazy days when I want to look polished but not like I have make-up on, I slather this baby on. This is also the only foundation I can use my fingers to apply in a haphazard way, without worrying about any streaking. Another bonus is that because it's so lightweight and sheer, a single shade can suit a fairly wide range of skintones.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid: I was afraid to try this product at first due to the reviews, as several users have broken out, but I find that it works really well for me. I find that it gives me a nearly full and flawless coverage without looking mask-like. The only problem I have with it is the colour-matching... either MAC has a problem or I have a problem lol. When I use an NC shade, I find that it looks too fake/yellow on me, but it matches my neck. When I use my (current) NW shade, I think it sinks in and matches flawlessly with my face, but not with my neck. I know that the colour on our face don't match our necks... but does mine really differ that greatly??

**MAC Prep and Prime spf50: High spf with long lasting shine control -- what more could I ask for? Oh right, it keeps my make-up looking great for longer, too =)

**MAC Sunny By Nature MSF: Introduced in the Colour Craft Collection -- I cannot live without this. This is my all time favourite MSF. I was sooooooooooooo happy to find that it was part of the last MAC warehouse sale's charity package so now I have 2 extra back-ups =D I find that this MSF is super versatile for me -- I use it as an all over wash over my lids... as a blush over the summer and a light bronzer during the winter. LOVE!

MAC Refined MSF: I bought Perfect Topping MSF first, because it was just so pretty in the pan (from the Sugar Sweet Collection)... after several weeks of reading reviews, I caved and bought Refined. I am so glad I did, because I use this a lot more than Perfect Topping. I find it the right highlight shade for me as it provides a beautiful warm glow, whereas PT is a tad more on the cool side.

MAC Hot Planet Mineralize Blush Duo: What a beautiful blush! Before 2009, I had not owned a single mineralized blush. Today, I own more MB than I do regular blush (I think lol). This colour just works so well for me. It's a tad on the plum side I suppose (I'm not the best at describing colour), and it is just SO pretty. MAC has since released several different dupes however (Fad-Dabulous is one example), so don't feel like you've missed out.

MUFE Full Cover Concealer: This concealer is absolutely amazing. Thick, creamy and full coverage, it covers my blemishes in a snap and once it dries down/sets, it DOES NOT BUDGE! It's pricey, but since I literally use a pinhead size each time, my current tube will last me a long time. Once I run out though, I will surely repurchase -- even at retail price!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer spf30: Like the MUFE concealer, this is creamy and full coverage. The difference is, this doesn't set as nicely as the MUFE one does as it's a bit too creamy and can smudge/cake a little. That doesn't mean it's not a great product! I use this for my undereye circles mainly and when set with powder, makes me look refreshed and energized.

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion: I don't use this nearly enough, only because it's just way too pricey. When I DO use it though, this stuff is golden. It goes on velvet smooth, creating the perfect canvas for foundation or powder application. I have sweat through nights of dancing and returned home to find that my foundation is still in place thanks to this primer. Now, if only UD would knock off about $10...

MAC Skin Refined Zone: I used this a lot more when I first got it and even acquired 4 back-ups. However, due to my exponentially growing number of products and my need to always try new things, I have come to neglect this wonder little tube of magic. This product can be used as a nightly treatment to reduce the appearance of pores overtime, as well as being used as a primer. Due to the quantity however, I only used it on my T-Zone and it just made everything look sooooooo smooth. This is being repromoted in 2010 and will be a permanent item, since it was the only LE item when it was first introduced with the "Colour Ready" collection.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself.

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Nice favorites! Can you please do another post on a detailed difference between MUFE F&B and MAC F&B?